Frequently Asked Questions for In-Use Vehicle Emissions Testing Programs

1. Must I participate in this program?

No, your cooperation in this program is completely voluntary. If for any reason you decide not to participate, please let us know onthe enclosed questionnaire.

2. Why should I participate?

In addition to the loaner vehicle and $$$$ monetary incentive and a full tank of fuel, your participation will benefit you indirectly by helping the motor vehicle industry and EPA understand and improve the air quality around your city.

3. How long will this test program take?

The test program takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. The length of time is dependent on the number of tests required. However, most vehicles are returned to the owner within a 5-day week.

4. Will my vehicle be mistreated in any way?

No, testing is designed to simulate everyday operation. While at the test facility, your vehicle will be stored indoors.

5. How many miles will my vehicle be driven during the program?

Your vehicle will be driven approximately 150 miles during the testing. Additional miles will be acquired driving to and from the pick up location and the laboratory in Ann Arbor.

6. How will my vehicle be protected while in CAFLOR care?

In addition to providing insurance, your vehicle will be stored indoors while the testing is being conducted. If required to be parked outside, your vehicle will be located in a locked and secured area at CAFLOR Industries.

7. What happens to the information obtained from my vehicle?

The information collected as a result of this program is used to determine the emissions performance of in-use vehicles.

8. Will vehicle maintenance be performed on my vehicle if I choose to participate?

No, the intent of the program is to evaluate emissions performance and no oil changes or missed maintenance will be done.

9. What type of replacement vehicle will be provided while my vehicle is being tested?

CAFLOR Industries will provide program participants with a late model vehicle.

10. Will participating in this program affect my warranty?

No. Participation in this program will not affect or void any of your vehicle warranties. Testing is performed by the manufacturer that designed and built your vehicle.

11. What type of drive cycles will my vehicle be subject to?

Cycles simulate normal driving for city and highway.