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Consumer Surveying
In addition to in-use vehicle procurement, CAFLOR routinely sends surveys to your customers to determine in-use vehicle performance and driving trends. In 2004, CAFLOR sent 360 surveys to sedan drivers in Michigan and California with only 1% error rate (wrong address).

Approximately 50% of those surveyed respond, providing you with valuable data on the driving habits of your customers.

Ride 'N Drive events can be organized by CAFLOR for your organization as a way for customers of a target demographic to experience your vehicles and also compare those vehicles to competitors if you so choose. Typically, a Ride 'N Drive will be an all-day event held at a local golf course or country club for customers likely to consider a purchase of the selected vehicle.

Such events serve as excellent venues in which to showcase your vehicles to potential customers, media, and even executives who want to see the finished product in action, either before or after going to market, especially with new designs.